Yeve Eeffoc - Introduction - character 'visualization'

Yeve Eeffoc
aka ~ Tulip

The trio had been following the woman for several blocks, ever since she left the “L”.  Her first mistake, she was traveling alone.  The second, she was walking the streets along the waterfront district.  The O’Rilleys ruled this area, and a Knight Errant response team took three minutes, minimum.  Hell, even Medicarro didn’t come out here without a full combat team, gold card member or not.

Krax watched with fascination.  She stood just over a meter and a half tall, no visible cyber enhancements, and no visible weapons.  As she walked under a rare functioning street light, the LED reflected off her amber shoulder length mane, which was held in place by a simple black band from her temples, back going just over her ears, ‘human… she’s crazier than I thought’, shaking his head as he thought to himself.  She wore a single piece, ankle length, sleeveless strapped dress, and as she left the hue of the streetlight, the psychedelic colors appeared to dance in the fading light.  It reminded him of an old school history vid… from over a century ago… the… 1960’s he thought he remembered.  School,’ he snorted to himself and spit on the ground. 

Leading his two partners with just hand signals, Krax indicated they were to hold back for a little while longer.  Something was just… wrong.  He couldn’t put his finger on it… no one just wandered out here all alone like this; not unless they had a death wish.  As she walked pass another light, he looked closer.  He spotted a Gaelic Christian Cross tat on her upper left arm.  Across her shoulder blades was another tattoo… a pair of fierce eyes… a set of animal eyes?  Hahaha, that’s cute.  She thinks a tattoo will watch her back for her’  Krax thought to himself.  No weapons were visible… she only held a thick wooden rod that was as long as she was tall.  No runic talisman tats… and no security… odd.  Still… the pickings were easy, and he had to get these two knuckleheads through their initiation to the “Raging Clovers” street gang.

The woman turned a corner and was now heading away from the wharf area.  Krax immediately signaled the pair to follow him, and they all sprinted quickly to the corner she had just disappeared around.  He held the two back by holding his left arm up, palm towards the back, and then peered around the corner, exposing only his left eye.  Even less light, no witnesses… and still no backup.  He leaned back around the corner, drew his pistol from its holster, and then nodded to the initiates.  The pair hefted up their bats, and moved swiftly around the corner.  Not an assassination after all.  They only had to knock her unconscious, steel her cred stick, and one other personal affect to show for their efforts.

Not more than two seconds later an intense bright flash, accompanied by a deafening clap of thunder, lit up the area.  Krax spun around the corner to rescue the two idiots.  What he saw caused him to hesitate out of disbelief.  Pat and Art had fallen to their knees stunned by whatever the she-witch had unleashed, and before his mind could register what she was doing to them, the woman had stepped forward and nailed both of them upside of their heads, knocking them out clean, with that wooden staff that now glowed with runic talismans along the entire shaft.  Krax numbly raised his pistol, “What the frak do you think you’re doing!” he yelled at her.

The woman didn’t answer him with words immediately; she simply pointed the staff at the puddle of water that had formed along the gutter.  Before Krax’s eyes a humanoid shape formed and stood.  “Defending myself,” the woman finally replied.  With that, she turned and started to walk away.

Krax raised his pistol again, “You ain’t gonna just walk away like that!”

Yeve didn’t bother to turn her head; the roar of pounding water was all she needed to hear.

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